Using “The” Before a Noun in Research Papers

There are 3 articles in English: aanand the. Articles are used before nouns to give context to that noun, meaning articles tell the reader how the noun is being used. But do all nouns in English have an article in front of them? Which of the three articles should be used before a noun, and when should they be used? This and the next podcast in this series will help you to understand this tricky subject.


英文里有三个冠词(articles):a,an和the。冠词是用在名词前, 为该名词指明含义的。意思是冠词告诉读者跟着的名词是怎样被使用的。但是,是不是所有英文名词的前面都有一个冠词呢?在名词之前应该使用三个冠词中的哪个呢? 什么时候使用呢?本系列中的这节播客以及下节播客将帮助您理解这个棘手的主题。

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