Publishing research papers is critical for a successful science or medical career

But writing papers may be difficult for otherwise talented scientists, clinicians, and students, especially those writing in English as a foreign language

Onboard Editing maximizes the potential of  your research being  published by

polishing the English language,

formatting to science or medical  journal specifications,

and alerting you to possible scientific issues in your paper

to achieve an effective science or medical article and to capture the interest of journal editors, reviewers, and readers

No research manuscript should be denied peer review based on language or writing barriers. Onboard Editing is a woman-owned, small business, professional editing service that is dedicated to supporting the global research community. Our editors are native-English speakers with a PhD and with both scientific expertise to spot issues that might concern readers or reviewers and editing  experience to ensure clear, concise, consistent, and organized content. We specialize in English-language editing of medical and scientific research papers, cover letters, grant applications, abstracts, responses to reviewers, posters, Doctor of Nursing Practice projects, and more.  

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What our clients are saying

Thank you, Dr. Smith, for your help with my writing. You did an outstanding job! I am very pleased and enjoyed working with you.—Dr. Gongliang Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow at Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, Florida.

You have the keen ability to determine what I meant in places and how I might have better said what I meant.—Dr. Amy Green, Associate Professor-in-Residence at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Author of Storytelling in Video Games: The Art of the Digital Narrative; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, and History in Metal Gear Solid V; A Cure for Toxic Masculinity: Male Bonding and Friendship in Final Fantasy XV; and Kingsglaive’s Exploration of World War II, Cultural Trauma, and the Plight of Refugees: An Animated Film as Complex Narrative

I have certainly enjoyed working with you in the past on science that we did together. Your writing skills are superb.—Dr. Cheryl Watson, Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Thank you for your hard work on this manuscript. This was another fantastic edit!  Normally, I would take the time to offer you suggestions on how to improve your future edits. However, I was unable to locate any fault in your work on this edit. You did an outstanding job, and you properly addressed your concerns through comments. You also did a great job focusing on the use of articles as well as diction and phrasing. I look forward to working with you in the future.—Managing Editor at an American editing company.

Editorial Services

Medical & Science Editing Services

  • Polish the English language in medical or research manuscripts, cover letters, abstracts, responses to reviewers, grant applications, posters, and more

  • Work directly with you until you are 100% satisfied with the English language in your project

  • Achieve positive reader/reviewer responses by spotting potential issues, from the title to the conclusions, and offering sound advice to avoid negative reviewer feedback  

  • Ensure a concise, clear, and consistent document in which the facts are accurate and the logic flow is clear and organized

  • Confirm no grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes

  • Format to target journal preferences

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6 Steps to Your Polished Research Paper

1. Email your manuscript text, figures, legends, tables, and cover letter to Onboard Editing. Include the name of your target journal, if you have decided on one. Provide the date you would like your manuscript finished. 

2. Onboard Editing will reply with a quote for the cost of editing. The exact cost depends on the complexity and length of the manuscript and how soon you would like it completed. We will also let you know when your manuscript with the suggested revisions will be returned to you.

3. If you agree with the cost and timeline, let us know which payment option you prefer: Bank Wire Transfer or PayPal. Payment must be received before editing can begin.

4. Onboard Editing uses the track changes feature of Microsoft Word, so you can accept or reject each suggestion. The suggested edits will be returned to you via email.

5. You review and accept or reject each suggested edit, clarify points the editor misunderstood, and ask questions. 

6. Return the manuscript with any questions and clarifications to Onboard Editing. Your editor will answer your questions, incorporate your suggestions, and return the polished manuscript to you via email on or before the agreed date.


Email  or WeChat directly with the owner of Onboard Editing, Thressa Smith

@Thressa Smith

About Thressa Smith, PhD

Thressa Smith, Owner of Onboard Editing 

I earned a copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego, after more than 15 years at the bench conducting primary research in neuroscience, pharmacology, drug addiction, and drug discovery.

 I also have a BS in physiology and a PhD in pharmacology and toxicology. As a freelance medical and science editor for individuals and organizations worldwide, including the JAMA Network journals, I have helped hundreds of professors, physicians, postdoctoral fellows, nurses, and graduate students publish their research in high-impact English-language journals. 

I am an active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Coastal Women’s Forum I can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Curious how Onboard Editing was named?

Check out this 1-minute video!  Note the incorrect use of “it’s” instead of “its” in the title. Even editors need editors!

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