Onboard Editing’s Services

  • Revise language to make it sound as though a native speaker of English wrote the manuscript without losing the author’s voice or changing the author’s intended meaning.

  • Edit for accuracy of scientific expression using appropriate field-specific language.

  • Clearly communicate the novelty and significance of the research.

  • Edit to improve word choice, transitions, and overall flow and fluency, and to ensure style consistency.

  • Resolve discrepancies between sentences; recast ambiguous or confusing statements.

  • Track continuity and query discrepancies in logic or interpretation of results.

  • Query missing practical information or gaps in logic.

  • Ensure that the Abstract, Conclusion, and cover letter accurately reflect the Methods, Results, and Discussion.

  • Format for consistency with the target journal’s preferences.

  • Correct faulty spelling, grammar, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation.

  • Ensure that key terms are handled consistently.

  • Define acronyms/abbreviations at first use.

  • Check cross-references for tables and figures as well in-text citations and references.

  • Assign headings or subheadings to achieve logical structure.

  • Question whether the reader has enough information.


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