6 Steps to Your Polished Paper

  1. Email your manuscript text, figures, legends, tables, and cover letter to Include the name of your target journal, if known. Provide the date you would like your manuscript finished. 
  2. Thressa will reply with a quote for the cost of editing. The exact cost depends on the complexity and length of the manuscript and how soon you would like it completed. She will also let you know when she will return your manuscript with the suggested revisions.
  3. If you agree with the cost and timeline, let Thressa know which payment option you prefer: Bank Wire Transfer or PayPal. Payment must be received before editing can begin.
  4. Thressa uses the track changes feature of Microsoft Word, so you can accept or reject each suggestion. She will return the suggested edits to you via email.
  5. You review and accept or reject each suggested edit, clarify points Thressa misunderstood, and ask questions. 
  6. Return the manuscript with any questions and clarifications to Thressa. She will answer your questions, incorporate your suggestions, and return the polished manuscript to you via email on or before the agreed date.


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